Moderated by Scott Jacobi. Featuring Audible Approved Producer Karen Commins, ACX’s Andrew Gallagher, and Greg Cooler, Director of Production for ListenUp Audio.

Every narrator defines success in their own way, but for those who are looking to make audiobook performance their full-time career, it is important to determine the best path to follow.

In this session, we'll dissect the audiobook business decisions that come into play for an actor-entrepreneur, including setting realistic expectations and goals, picking the right projects on ACX, determining your per-finished-hour rate, whether to farm out editing and post-production or do it yourself, and where and when to invest in yourself for the best success - whether that means equipment, coaching, your website, etc.

Achieving success in each of these areas can seem challenging, but by facing each of them thoughtfully, narrators can achieve success on ACX and in their careers.